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RAW 125

RAW 125

RAW series, with each accessory having been redesigned, is featured by retro design and reasonable color assortment. The bike is equipped with classic round headlamp, classic large tank, high handlebar, and separate handlebar designed on the basis of theriding posture, bringing bikers a better driving experience.

Compared with large retro motorcycles, RAW 125 has a shorter wheelbase, thus the bike is more conductive to riding through narrow city streets.

RAW offers two kinds of cushions,single-seat and two-seatcushions, for bikers to choose. The newly designed cushions– of either kind – are filled with new filling materials, making the riding more comfortable. The muffler is also redesigned to make the bike and the vehiclepainting more coordinated.

Another important feature of RAW is itshigh performance tires– the front wheel uses disc brakes, while the rear wheel uses either disc brake or drum brake. It is also worth noting that RAW 2016 Edition applies LED light on its rear lamp, so that the bike is able to have more security.